Andrea Carvajal
Andrea Carvajal
Senior Environmental Designer

Andrea is an Associate and Team leader of the Energy and Carbon team at Greengage Environmental. She has worked international as an Architect and Environmental Designer for over 10 years, delivering low carbon and energy buildings through sustainable strategy proposals.

Andrea’s background is in architecture and since 2013 she has been providing sustainable development advice for major projects from a consultancy perspective.

Projects, focusing primarily on historic buildings.

She is a specialist in the field of ‘Sustainable retrofit’ and has co-authored publications on the subject: Sustainable Refurbishment: a toolkit for going green (for GBI), MEES and Heritage Properties: Mitigating risks through the procurement and interpretation of EPCs (with BBP), Minimum Energy Standards: Time to get ready (for RIBA).

Key areas of expertise include:

• Embedding net zero thinking into organisational and corporate decision making through capacity building of staff and teams to be ready for net zero legislation.

• Designing and communicating bespoke organisational sustainability strategies at a corporate level to enable organisations to reduce the carbon emissions of their projects throughout the building life cycle. This includes considering both operational and embodied carbon elements.

• Calculating Whole Life-Cycle Carbon emissions from buildings and developing an approach which reduces all associated carbon emissions, including identifying ‘big ticket’ and ‘quick win’ items.

• Developing effective strategies and delivery tools for multi-use developments, including embodied carbon, circular economy, carbon reporting and sustainability frameworks.

• Assessing occupant comfort and experience through monitoring and qualitative analysis and using this information to inform future strategies.

Throughout Andrea’s career she has developed the ability to effectively translate client necessities into practical solutions through engagement with stakeholders. During this time, she has gained an in-depth knowledge of the multi-disciplinary nature of large projects, ensuring her advice is always compatible with any additional progressive aspirations.